Dilution Guidelines

    Essential oils are highly concentrated. To dilute them, add your favorite carrier oil. This process will help "carry" the oils into the skin for better absorption, minimize how quickly the oils evaporate and spread further and protect the skin from irritation.

    See the chart below of dilution guidelines. These are very conservative numbers as all oil reducer caps are not created equal. Aromatherapy is not only a science but also an art. We figure you can always add more to a blend, if the dilution is too low.  But if is it too strong, it could cause skin sensitivity issues and cause damage to the skin. 

    One size does not fit all!



Infants (6-24 months), "Hot oils"(examples:Cinnamon, Orefano)


Childern over 2 years old, Elderly, Immuno compromised, Daily Skin care regimens

Adult and maximum recommended dilution for children age 2+





Acute for short term application on a small area

***These Suggested Ranges Are Not Recommended Dosage***